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Research & Innovation

Improving Lives Through Evidence-Based Research

Tech Valley Initiative for Research & Innovation (TVIRI) aims to conduct rigorous, objective research that provides real-world solutions for improving socio-economic conditions and enhancing the overall environment in Pakistan and globally. We believe that evidence-based insights can inform better policies, practices, and innovations that address the most pressing challenges.

Our research center focuses on key areas that have a significant impact on people's lives and livelihoods, such as:

  • Education access and quality
  • Technology and innovation for social good
  • Healthcare access, affordability, and outcomes.
  • Environmental sustainability and conservation.
  • Government accountability and transparency

Our Approach

We take an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to our work. Our researchers come from diverse academic backgrounds spanning the social sciences, public policy, business, technology, and environmental studies. We partner with government agencies, NGOs, universities, and community organizations to gain on-the-ground insights.

Rigor, objectivity, and integrity drive every study we undertake.

Conducting Impactful Projects

We undertake projects that lead to meaningful improvements in people's lives. Our research translates into impactful changes through collaborations with communities, policymakers, businesses, and other stakeholders. We measure our success by the demonstrable social impact achieved through our research and insights. Our focus extends from academic excellence to driving real-world improvements.

Partnerships for Impact

While we pride ourselves on academic excellence, our focus extends beyond publishing studies. We actively disseminate our findings to key stakeholders who can drive real-world change. Our partnerships with policymakers, government agencies, business leaders, NGOs, and local communities ensure our work gets translated into programs, innovations, and solutions that improve lives.

We invite you to learn more about our current research initiatives below. Please contact us if you would like to partner with us to build a better future for our country through fact-based research.

Our Work

Feasibility Study on Digital Governance

The German Development Bank (KfW) has contracted a consortium led by the GFA Consulting group with the implementation of a feasibility study for a digital governance project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In this endeavor, GFA is supported by the E-Governance Academy Foundation from Estonia and Tech Valley Pakistan. 


  • Assessment of current digital initiatives of KP Government
  • Engaging the right stakeholders to study the existing challenges
  • Potential financing in the IT sector, including digital infrastructure and employment

Project Albus

The purpose of Project Albus is to showcase the Google's Education Solutions for teaching, focusing on Islamabad's schools. This initiative pilot digital education transformation using Google tools and Chromebooks. Successful results aim to expand this approach nationwide across public and private schools in Pakistan.

In terms of the Albus Pilot structure, there can be an opportunity to do a multi-pronged study to demonstrate the efficacy of GfE and allow for insightful comparisons.

The findings of the research :

  • The class quality and content delivery were significantly upgraded with audio and visual aids.
  • Google Solutions considerably improved students’ learning capability, studying, elucidating concepts, and problem-solving.
  • These tools also enabled teachers and students to be a lot more efficient with their time.
  • Likewise, student-student communication and collaboration improved a lot.
  • Additionally, the use of Google Solutions helped to enhance the classroom command.

Aghaaz; A catalyst for educational development

Aghaaz endeavors to reshape Pakistan's education sector, a transformative initiative in the realm of educational development, is set to unfold at the esteemed Educators - Capital Campus G-11. The program aims to bring together key stakeholders, educators, and visionaries in the pursuit of advancing educational opportunities.

  • Evaluate current educational practices and digital infrastructure.
  • Integrate Google Solutions and AI technologies.
  • Foster a cultural shift towards innovation in Pakistani schools
  • Promoting the responsible use of technology

Our Team

Our amazing team makes us who we are.

Dr. Abdullah Ijaz


With over 8 years of experience in research, entrepreneurship, and directing impactful projects, Dr. Ijaz currently serves as an Assistant Professor at a leading UK university. His expertise in applying rigorous statistical methods to policy issues enables our centre to produce research that drives meaningful change.

Dr. Madiha Shafique

Research Lead

Dr. Madiha, a Ph.D. in Management Sciences and Fulbright scholar, heads Research & Training. She spearheaded Project Albus with Google, aiming to improve teaching in Pakistan. At COMSATS University, Abbottabad, she teaches Management courses and previously collaborated with Swiss Development Agency post-2005 earthquake.

Dr. Wajiha Haq

Consultant for Project Albus

Assistant Professor at NUST, completed her PhD at the University of Malaya. Specializing in economic well-being aligned with SDGs, she publishes extensively on finance, gender equality, health, and climate change. Proficient in data analysis, she leads a poverty investigation project and offers editorial services to renowned journals. She teaches various Economics and Finance courses and supervises dissertations at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Ebru Keskin

Research Consultant

Ebru Keskin is a distinguished expert in online payments and fraud prevention, boasting over 12 years of enterprise-level experience. Known for her holistic approach, Ebru excels in fraud prevention, payments infrastructure, and digital identity. Her expertise extends to enhancing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. With a technical background and business acumen in contracts, negotiation, and market strategies, Ebru has contributed to prominent brands like Featurespace, Barclays, Worldpay FIS, and Klarna

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