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Use Google tools together to drive educational impact and transform teaching and learning practices so every student and educator can pursue their personal potential.

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We will assist you in deploying customized Google Workspace for Education tools effectively and securely in your education institute as per your unique needs and requirements.

Google Workspace for Education tools can be integrated with other apps to further enhance the teaching and learning experience. Learn how to leverage these integrations.

From change Management to tool-specific training, we offer a variety of training to help teachers, IT Staff and administrators master new tools and technologies. 

Adopting new technologies can be challenging but we are here to help. At every step of the transition process, we will be here to support you to ensure an effective adoption. 

Earn Certifications

Educator Level 1

Earn your Educator Level 1 Certification

Valid for 3 years | 180 mins
Demonstrate your mastery of Google tools in your classroom with the Educator Level 1 Certification.

Educator Level 2

Earn your Educator Level 2 Certification

Valid for 3 years | 180 mins
Validate your expertise and Advanced technology integration skills with the Educator Level 2 Certification.

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