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Tech Valley Pakistan Partners with Agha Khan Economic Planning Board to Offer 1,000 Scholarships for Google Career Certificates

Karachi, Pakistan – February 27, 2024: In a move to empower individuals across Pakistan with the skills needed to excel in today’s job market, Tech Valley Pakistan, a leading organization focused on technology innovation and skilling, has joined forces with the Agha Khan Economic Planning Board (AKEPB) to distribute 1,000 scholarships for Google Career Certificates.

The Google Career Certificate program, offered through, provides a suite of flexible online training programs designed by Google itself.  These certificates equip learners from diverse backgrounds with job-ready skills in high-growth fields within six months, with the potential for even faster completion for full-time learners. 

Graduates gain access to a direct connection with top employers, giving them a significant advantage in their job search. Importantly, no prior experience or degree is required to participate, making the program an accessible pathway for individuals seeking to enter the tech industry or enhance their existing skillset.

This initiative targets three distinct groups within AKEPB: students in their 3rd or 4th year, young professionals seeking to upskill for career advancement, and blue-collar workers from marginalized communities who want to expand their skillset and explore new career opportunities.

The program spans three regions: North which includes Gizer, Gilgit, Hunza; Central which includes Islamabad and South which includes Karachi, some parts of Hyderabad). To ensure successful program enrollment, Tech Valley and AKEPB will hold orientation sessions for scholarship recipients in all three regions. These sessions will guide learners in selecting the most suitable Google Career Certificate program based on their individual goals and aspirations.